Anybody who knows me, knows i love glam hair! The key to achieving beautiful hair that lasts throughout the day, is through the products you use to prep and prime your hair for styling. Yes – just like your makeup, your hair needs just as much love too!

So my hair is very very thick and curly naturally and is extremely sensitive to humidity! What that means, is if i don’t use the right products before styling my hair, by the time i go outside all my efforts in blow-drying are gone with the wind. If you have similar hair to me, then you’ll know exactly what I mean and how frustrating it can be, especially if you have an important event to attend.

After trying so many gimmicky products out in the market, the one that has completely changed my hair game is the Bumble and Bumble ‘BB Straight Blow Dry’. This is a prep product for your hair in the form of a styling balm, to assist your hair in looking much better and lasting much longer after a blow dry. It is heat activated so you need to use it with a diffuser (e.g. hair dryer), on damp hair.

On to the sexy stuff – this leaves your hair looking 100x better after blow drying! My hair just looks so much healthier and shiny, I never have a problem with my hair not lasting in humidity anymore! This also cuts my straightening time in half and looks so much better after straightening!

A couple of weeks ago, I went out and by the time i got home i looked in the mirror and looked like a hot mess. I remember standing there wondering where i went wrong in my life and then i remembered, that the night before i forgot to use this in my hair before blow drying! Moral of the story – this stuff actually works and if you suffer from similar hair problems you need this product in your life!

Until next time x