I can’t believe it’s already March and the first day of Autumn, honestly where is the year going!

This month has been so crazy, i know i’ve been MIA but i’m so excited to finally be sharing my February favourites with you guys. There were quite a few products i have been really loving this month – let me know what you guys think, enjoy!


Smashbox Insta-matte
So Smashbox finally released something we have all been waiting for and i am so so impressed with the formula. When i first heard about it i thought it would be another mattifying product that would dry out my lips, but its absolutely amazing! I would describe it more as a velvet matte finish, because it still feels comfortable to wear on the lips and doesn’t leave your lips looking dehydrated like most other matte products. Basically it turns any lipstick into a matte finish – YES i know, i know. Just put down your translucent powder and tissue and be done with it.

Thumbs up for Smashbox!

Stila Smudgestick in ‘Spice’
We all know how amazing the Stila smudgesticks are, so creamy, amazing colour payfoff and they do not budge. I’ve been experimenting with all their colours recently and lately, i’ve been loving wearing the colour ‘Spice’ on my lashline. Its the perfect warm brown, as the name suggests, and it’s beautiful with brown eyes. Its the perfect colour if you don’t like the bold look of a black.

Hourglass Ambient Strobing Powders
Yes – Hourglass did it again. Their strobing powders are on another level. Buildable in finish, you can either achieve a subtle glow or be glowing to the God’s with this one!

Euphoric Strobe Light and Brilliant Strobe light are my favouites, the other two colours are ones we’ve seen before in their Ambient Powder Wardrobe and Ambient Edit from their 2015 holiday collection. Just like all their other powders, they are all so beautiful in texture and so easy to apply and leave your skin with a tasteful glow.

Hourglass you kill me, I can’t wait to see what you come out with next!


Eve Lom Kiss Mix
I mention this in a lot of my posts, but im beyond help when it comes to dry lips. So when it comes to liquid lipsticks – the struggle is real. But, i’ve finally found something that i can dab on top of my liquid lipsticks, that won’t change the colour, consistency or the pigment of my lipstick!

Basically, i dab a tiny amount of the Kiss Mix only to the center of my lips, and it gives a more hydrated finish to my lipstick. Most lipbalms i’ve tried on top of liquid lipsticks, tend to take away the opaqueness of the lipstick and make them transferable – but Eve Lom knows how its done. Besides, it tastes like mint and i love love love it!

Perricone MD Chia Serum
I already did a whole post on this bad boy, but its so good i had to include it in my February favourites! If you haven’t already, go check out my post on the Perricone MD Chia Serum, this stuff is soo soo good! Holy grail for dry skin, i don’t see myself reaching for anything else anytime soon. And that is all.


The Secret
My last favourite is actually a book I have been absolutely loving. I came late to the party on this one but it’s something i got through so quickly and could not put down. It’s all about the law of attraction and positive vibes, and it really encourages you to view things from a better perspective. If you haven’t already, definitely get your hands on this one -you won’t regret it.


So that’s it for my February favourites, until next time x