Screenshot_2016-03-07-12-15-24-1Glamglow is everybody’s cult favourite when it comes to masks. A lot of people try one of these masks and don’t like them. You just need to make sure you’re trying the one that’s suitable for your particular skin concerns or you’re probably wasting your money and won’t like the results! I have tried and tested all of these ones over the past year and here’s my verdict:


My favourite one of them all! This ones all about exfoliating, brightening and evening out the skin tone. I absolutely love the way this leaves my skin looking and feeling, even just after the first application. It is designed to be used for 3 days in a row initially, then just once or twice a week. But it seriously leaves my skin looking so bright, fresh, radiant and eats away at all the dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin. It also contains salicylic acid, so it does exfoliate inside your pores and de-congests a little bit which is a plus! I love, love, love this one, one of my most favourite masks I have ever tried and would 100% repurchase!


So this is the one I feel like Glamglow became so well known for. Also known as the ‘hollywood mask’, this one is designed to do a bit of everything. I’m talking exfoliating, pore refining, anti-aging, de-congesting. I liked it, but i didn’t love it, so I don’t think I would repurchase. I can see why this is a lot in the industry before a red carpet event, it definitely leaves your skin looking immediately radiant, fresh and ready for a makeup application, but I feel like the other masks do a lot more for my particular skincare concerns. It’s not my favourite out of all of them, but it definitely does what it’s supposed to as a ’10 min facial in a jar’. So if that’s what you’re looking for in your skincare routine, then i’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

This ones all about hydration, so if you suffer from flaky skin or your skin is drinking up your moisturiser – get on it. I did enjoy this one, but if you’re looking for a dupe, try the Origin’s Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask, it does the exact same thing (maybe even a bit better), definately more affordable and smells amazing! But this just leaves your skin feeling plump and hydrated, making a perfect base for makeup. It’s a nice, lightweight and gentle mask, perfect for those days where your skin needs a boost of hydration.

This bad boy is everyones cult favourite for sucking out all the dirt and congestion out of your skin like a dementor. It is a mud mask, and when it dries you can literally see the dirt coming out of your skin. It also works perfectly as a spot treatment. If you haven’t already, definitely try this one! It is seriously so good!

This one has not yet reached Australia, but will be coming in June – yay! It’s  a peel off mud treatment that’s all about firming. I’m hitting 23 soon and I need all the firming I can get haha but I am super excited to try this one, it just looks really interesting and it goes on silver so why not!

Which ones your favourite? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below