Ever put on a concealer and wonder why your dark circles still shine bright like a diamond?

This year is definitely the year of correctors! So many brands are starting to release their own formulas, YSL, Urban Decay, Smashbox..just to name a few and they are absolutely amazing!

Colour correcting is something that has been done by makeup artists for years, but is starting to become a lot more widely used, especially when it comes to those notorious dark circles.

So what do correctors’ do?
Colour correcting the skin before foundation or concealer is important as it counteracts the tones of the blemishes and allows your foundation and concealer to look flawless. This is especially important when it comes to those cray cray dark circles, using a corrector will prevent your concealer from turning out ashy or grey…yes we’ve all been there. You’ll also find you won’t have to do much to cover a blemish, if you correct it first.

So, i thought i would unravel the mystery behind correctors for you guys and explain what they all do:

Green Corrector:  Green is opposite red on the colour wheel, making it best for counteracting any red tones in the skin, such as pimples, rosacea, acne, broken capillaries etc. If you’re just prone to redness in general, try a green based primer to help neutralise the redness before your foundation.

Orange/Peach/Pink Corrector: Orange and yellow are opposite blue and purple on the colour wheel, making it best for covering dark circles, bruises or hyper pigmentation. This one will vary from pink, peach, salmon and yellow depending on the undertone of the dark circle or blemish. For more blue tones, opt for more peach or orange correctors. For more blue violet or purple tones, opt for more yellow based correctors.

Purple Corrector: Anything lilac or purple is perfect for counteracting any sallowness or yellow tones on your skin. This is perfect for anyone concerned about a dull looking complexion.Again, if it’s dullness all over the face i would recommend a purple based primer instead of lathering a purple corrector all over your face, we’re not trying to look like Barney the Dinosaur over here.

So that’s my colour correcting 101. It will change your makeup game, so if you haven’t already.. get on it!