Two Words: Nikki Tutorials.

If you have no idea what i’m talking about, brace yourselves..

About a year ago famous youtuber and beauty guru, NikkieTutorials, made a tutorial using the Nivea Mens Aftershave Balm as a primer. This product contains glycerin as its second most highest ingredient, which helps to make makeup really stick and last all day long. So i FINALLY put it to the test and here’s what i thought:

I absolutely love it!! After using this underneath my makeup, its definitely helped to make my makeup last longer and look so much better! This is amazing especially if you’re looking for a more affordable primer for your kit. It throws off a manly scent, but i actually like it, and if that’s something you hate, don’t worry, it disappears as soon as you apply the rest of your makeup. I found even after 12 hours, my makeup sat just as flawless as i first applied it.

Thumbs up for Nikkie!

Pro tips:
Shake before use
Work it into your skin until it becomes tacky and then apply foundation
Use it in conjunction with your other primers to target specific skin concerns, such as pores or dehydration

Have you guys tried this?