We’ve all done our time with eyeliners that run, smudge and fade, no matter how many times you set it with an eye shadow. So i’ve decided to present to you guys my top 5 ride or die eyeliners that never let me down!

Stila Stay All Day Smudgestick
This is a cult favourite, super creamy and amazing colour payoff. It just glides on to the skin, giving you maximum intensity in one hit. It has a 1-2min setting time, in which you can smudge it out and create the look you want, then it sets and does not budge until you remove it. It’s also waterproof and makes a great base for a smokey eye, and for all you guys who hate sharpening..this one’s retractable!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner
Okay..who hasn’t heard of perversion? This is my absoloute favourite pencil eyeliner that I would go out of my way to sharpen. The pigment, texture and longevity just speak for themselves. Think of it as a pencil version of the Stila Smugestick, great for those who hate retractable eyeliners.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner
If you’ve used a liquid pen before, you would know that it takes a few goes before you can really perfect your wing. Brace yourselves. The foam tip on this actually cuts your application time in half. The formula isn’t extremely wet making it super easy to apply and delivering a pure black pigment in just one hit. It’s also waterproof, so yes..it actually does stay all day long!

Smashbox Photoangle Pure Pigment Gel Liner
So this one caught me by suprise. I had a really bad experience with the Benefit gel eyeliner, but I love Smashbox as a brand so i had to give it a go. I’m so glad I did because it’s become my all time favourite gel eyeliner! This is hands down the most heavy duty eyeliner i’ve ever tried. Usually when my eyes water, I have to wait for them to stop before I can go ahead and apply my liner.. but this one still delivers the pigment! It’s super black, matte and does not budge. You could go to Machu Picchu and back and your wings would still be on fleek. My favourite part? The clicker never lets me down! 1-2 clicks is enough to deliver the perfect amount of pigment every single time.

Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen
We all know that liquid liner pens tend to dry out more quickly than anything else. The formula of this one is very wet, so I find this lasts me a lot longer than any other liquid liner i’ve ever tried. If you struggle with liquid liners, this may not be your favourite because the wet formula means you need a little more precision when applying, but if you’re quite confident then definitely give this one a go. Swatch any of your liquid liners and compare it to this one, you’ll find the pigment is also a lot more bold!