Hello my loves,

So it’s been so long since i’ve posted but i had to come back and share this with you guys! I’ve been using Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray for the past year and i’ve been liking the way its kept my makeup on, but the way it left my makeup looking didn’t wow me. This time I decided to try out the ‘Chill’ and oh my , I am obsessed!

‘Chill’ is designed for dry,dehydrated or combination skin types and keeps the makeup hydrated as well as locked in for 12 hours – if not longer! It actually contains patented temperature control technology, that cools the surface of your skin to keep it looking just applied. My skin has definitely been feeling the winter, so i’ve been loving the way it keeps my makeup looking so hydrated, dewy and fresh for so long, everything else I put on top last so much longer as well.

Lets talk about the mist for a second. I have tried and tested 37219946392 setting sprays. For some reason, there are so many out on the market that try to drown you because the droplets are the size of the equator. The mist on this one is so light, you will barely feel it!

I have yet to find another setting spray that keeps my makeup dewy and lasts all night long. If you guys have any recommendations, definitely leave a comment below , I would love to try out your suggestions.

So if you’ve got dry or dehydrated skin, give this a go – there’s nothing like it!