If you suffer from dry lips like me, you will know that most liquid lipsticks suck the life out of your lips. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and picked up ‘Kathryn’ and ‘Ashton’ and I have absolutely been loving these!

So let’s talk details..

You know that crunchy feeling of a liquid lipstick after a heavy meal? We’ve all tried reapplying but you just end up looking like a hot mess – this one does NOT do this! In fact, the formula is quite thin in consistency, so I feel like it doesn’t sink in and accentuate the lines on my lips like every other liquid lipstick on the block. Because of the formula, some liquid lipsticks are quite hard to apply without a lipliner, but I find you can get away with this one, because the formula is not too runny or thick.

The longevity is all there with this one, I can go all day without reapplying. I can also eat a greasy burger and still have an opaque, evenly applied coat of this lipstick on my lips while i’m digesting. Ofcourse, its not going to be 100%, but you can definitely get away without reapplying!

Ashton (left) Kathryn (right)

I know that with some brands, different colours can have slightly different formulas, some colours can apply more patchy than others. I’ve also heard in the grapevine, that some people have experienced the same with the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones, but I picked up ‘Kathryn’ and ‘Ashton’ and so far so good! One swipe gives you a seamless, full coverage finish. I absolutely love ‘Kathryn’ and ‘Ashton’, I feel like the colours work well with most complexions – i’m definitely going back to pick up American Doll!

On a side note: If you do suffer from dry lips, but love the look of liquid lipsticks then check out my ‘February Favourites 2016’ where I talk about the Eve Lom Kiss Mix: https://shamaabeauty.com/2016/03/01/february-favourites-2016/

Have you guys tried these? Let me know what you think!