It’s no secret that the new Urban Decay All Nighter foundation has taken social media by storm. So I decided to decipher and compare the All Nighter Foundation and Naked Skin Foundation, to help you guys choose the best one for your skin. So let’s get straight into it..


Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
If you’re looking for that HD complexion, this one offers the fullest coverage with the most flawless finish. It has a really high pigment, 3x more than the Naked Skin Foundation, so a little goes a really long way – you don’t need to slap 85 layers of foundation to cover one pimple. I recommend one pump, and then build up on areas you IF you feel like you need to – but you probably won’t!

Let’s talk finish. This is a matte foundation but it doesn’t look heavy on the skin. I would describe it as almost a velvet matte, because unlike some other matte foundations on the market, this one doesn’t suck the life out of your skin! I love this for that reason because it means it sits healthy and beautifully and works amazing for all skin types. Keep in mind, it’s not going to look like you’re not wearing any foundation, but it will give you a flawless complexion. It also doesn’t emphasise pores and has no flashback. Urban are a blessing!

For Oily Skin:
If you do have slighter larger pores, I would pair it up with a smoothing primer to get the best finish. It does an amazinggg job at oil control, you can go for hours without needing to blot or powder, but to really lock it in, I would definitely set this foundation with a powder and lock it in with the Urban Decay De-slick setting spray.

For Dry Skin:
If you have more dry or dehydrated skin, it may look more textured or cling to some areas because it has a matte finish, typically around the t-zone, but pair it up with amazing skincare and a hydrating primer and you’re good to go!
tip: mix it in with an illuminator to add more dimension, this will add life to your complexion and avoid it from appearing dry

The only thing I dislike about this foundation is that it oxidises…ALOT! So make sure you pop into store to get colour matched so you don’t end up buying 328398 shades before finding the right one!

My favourite way to apply this is with a beauty blender, I find it gives me the most flawless finish, but you can definitely opt for your fingers or a brush.

Urban Decay did an amazing job with this foundation, it’s really hard to find a matte foundation for dry skin that doesn’t look like a hot mess and actually lasts on oily skin as well. Did I mention that it’s waterproof? Urban Decay really didn’t miss anything with this one!


Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation
Something a lot people miss while looking at foundations is the skincare aspect of it. This one contains Matrixyl 3000, which is going to help with skin firmness and the appearance of fine lines. It’s also loaded with green tea and other nutrients to help with skin imperfections and overall radiance. Of course with any product, all of these come with consistent use, if you only reach for this twice a year you won’t experience the benefits it has to offer.

The finish of this is a lot more demi-matte or satin compared to the All Nighter Foundation. If you’re very flakey and noticeably dry, this is definitely the better one out of the two for your skin as it’s not as mattifying (generally speaking). In saying that, it’s not dewy either. I have had people mention that if they have some peach fuzz, that it can tend to accentuate their appearance, but i’ll leave that one up for you guys to decide. My take on foundations is that by prepping the skin properly, you can manipulate the way foundations sit and appear on your skin, for the most part. This one contains light diffusing properties which really helps to blur the skin.

The consistency is really beautiful and weightless. It’s been designed as a weightless foundation, so you get the finish of a foundation, but the feeling of a tinted moisturiser. I absolutely love that about this, I cannot emphasise how much I hate the feeling of a foundation on my face, so if you’re like me, you will love that about this one!

The main difference between the two is the coverage. This is a lot less coverage than the All Nighter Foundation, your skin will still look like skin, so if this is the look you’re going for then one pump is all you need. It’s designed to provide buildable coverage but still allows your skin to shine through. So if you are experiencing some breakouts or have more acne prone skin, it probably won’t be enough on its own, you will most likely need to go in with some concealer or simply opt for the All Nighter Foundation.

In terms of longevity, it works a treat! It’s one of those products that is my go to when I have a really long day and a tinted moisturiser isn’t enough to last. I still get a really nice natural skin finish but gives me the longevity I need to keep my makeup looking just-applied all night long.

Cons: so just like the All Nighter, this one also oxidises! But for what you’re getting, i’m sure it’s something we can all get past, again..make sure you get colour matched and let it sit on your skin while you’re still shopping around so you can really see how much it oxidises. This will differ depending on your skin, but it’s typically a shade or two darker.

Application: Because this is a lot lighter in coverage, I prefer using a brush first and then a beauty blender afterwards, this way I get the coverage that I want with the finish of the beauty blender. Again, any of your beauty tools will work just as well.

So which one to go for?
In a nutshell, if you’re looking for higher coverage with a matte finish, then go for the All Nighter foundation. If you’re looking for light to medium coverage with a natural skin finish then go for the Naked Skin Foundation. Both foundations are oil and paraben free.

p.s Urban Decay has an incredible shade range, this will help you when choosing yours:
.0 have warm undertones
.25 have neutral undertones
.5 have pink undertones
.75 have golden undertones

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below 🙂