Just when you thought that nothing could get better than the Radiant Creamy Concealer..Francois releases the Soft Matte Complete Coverage. I know, I know. Let’s get straight into it..

Nars Soft Matte Complete Coverage Concealer
With a natural finish and high coverage, this concealer is what dreams are made of. It is Nars highest coverage concealer, super long lasting oil free cream formula and an undetectable finish!


What makes it so good?
The shade range has me screaming. Nars is one of my favourite go to brands for colours available for ALL complexions! The shade range is the same as the Radiant Creamy Concealer, making it easy to navigate, BUT I do find that the colours are slightly lighter in comparison than the Soft Matte Complete Coverage Concealer..probably not a big enough difference for you to go up a shade – but you do you boo.

The finish quite literally gives you an undetectable finish, making it great for that no makeup makeup look, spot concealing redness/pigmentation, under eye darkness and whatever else you want to bury with this pot of gold. It doesn’t accentuate fine lines, wrinkles or texture – instead it actually blurs these areas. If you have flakey bits around the eyes, you may not love this concealer, try pairing it up with the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye cream or the Smashbox Hydrating under eye primer to counteract this.  The soft matte finish means that it’s going to almost self set, making it easier for you when locking in your concealer with powder because it’s already half way there…hello no creasing!

I love the cream formula because it is so much easier and quicker to work with than a liquid. It’s super lightweight and velvety and soft focusses the skin giving you the most beautiful HD finish, thanks to the spherical surface powders that absorb and refract light for that real life instagram finish. A little bit truly goes a really long way. I love warming the product up on the back of my hand because it almost instantly melts, making it glide like a dream.

Both concealers retail for the same price, but because of the formula and packaging, I feel like the Soft Matte Complete Coverage Concealer will last you a little longer..and you can scrape out every last bit of product!

I love to wear products that give me skincare benefits! So this one is packed with your vitamins A, C and E to repair, nourish and protect your skin, some collagen boosting peptides to plump and smooth the appearance of wrinkles and pores and our favourite hyraluronic acid to pump up that hydration.

So if you havn’t tried the Nars Soft Matte complete coverage concealer…it’s being compared to the Tarte Shape Tape…that’s all im saying 😉

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
A cult favourite, the creme de la creme of liquid concealers and my holy grail! If you prefer the feeling and application of a liquid concealer then this is your guy.


It’s a liquid concealer with a doe foot applicator (downside: you can never scrape out the last bit of product) and a medium-buildable finish (super easy to build up so you don’t need to use a whole lot of product!).

It has a thicker consistency, meaning little goes a really long way, but it doesn’t feel heavy or thick on the skin. I personally find this concealer looks its best when blended out with a sponge. I have tried 4938291 different concealers and I always find myself coming back to this one, it is just so longlasting and so flawless i’m obsessed!

It offers a beautiful matte finish, making it great for its longevity and crease free component, BUT I do find it can accentuate areas under the eyes, especially if you are dehydrated or have a lot of fine lines or wrinkles around the eye area. I don’t love this concealer on more mature skin, especially when they need a lot of coverage on certain areas, because I find that it just accentuates fines lines, wrinkles and all that good stuff.

I find this concealer works best for highlighting the under eyes, counteracting redness and concealing mild blemishes – it doesnt offer enough coverage to conceal pigmentation.

It’s super long wearing and I absoloutely love using this on my clients because it just gives you a beautiful flawless finish and I know its going to last on the skin all day long!

Did I mention its alcohol and sulfate free?