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Winter Skincare Essentials!

It's officially winter and my skin has definitely been feeling it. Here are my top winter skincare essentials to help you battle the season! 1. Origin's Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask A cult favourite, this mask is gentle on the... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Holy Grail Eyeliners!

We've all done our time with eyeliners that run, smudge and fade, no matter how many times you set it with an eye shadow. So i've decided to present to you guys my top 5 ride or die eyeliners that... Continue Reading →

Lancome Juicy Shakers!

Let's be real, the Lancome Juicy Tubes were everyones' first high end product. If you hate the feeling of sticky lips but love the finish of a gloss then keep reading.. Lancome have revolutionized their all time favourite Juicy Tubes... Continue Reading →

Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Foundation

Hello my loves! So today i've decided to talk to you about the latest addition to Bare Minerals foundation family - their Blemish Remedy Foundation! Their original and matte finish foundations took the world by a storm and quickly became... Continue Reading →

How to keep your highlight glowing all day long!

With the current beauty trend of strobing, I get asked so many questions on how to keep your highlight game strong throughout the day. Most of the time you'll be glowing with your highlight in the morning.. next thing you know it's... Continue Reading →

3 Current Beauty Must Haves!

Smashbox Photofinish Primer Oil Just when you think Smashbox has a primer for absolutely every skin concern, they release another one! A holy grail for dry skin, this will leave your skin beautifully hydrated all day long, which is especially necessary... Continue Reading →

March Favourites 2016!

It's already April and that means it's already time for my March favorites! I didn't have that many favourites this month, so let's get straight into it.. Mario Badescu Facial Spray So before Kylie Jenner's makeup artist used this on... Continue Reading →

Nivea Mens Aftershave Balm

Two Words: Nikki Tutorials. If you have no idea what i'm talking about, brace yourselves.. About a year ago famous youtuber and beauty guru, NikkieTutorials, made a tutorial using the Nivea Mens Aftershave Balm as a primer. This product contains... Continue Reading →

Unraveling Colour Correctors 101

Ever put on a concealer and wonder why your dark circles still shine bright like a diamond? This year is definitely the year of correctors! So many brands are starting to release their own formulas, YSL, Urban Decay, Smashbox..just to... Continue Reading →

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